Someone once told me, "As humans, working with plants is our most universal birthright." (If you know who said that...please comment! I forgot.) Many of us have lost the ability to connect with and just be in nature, let alone figure out which weed in their back yard will help the liver & digestive system. Its all about baby steps, folks. I'm here to keep learning and help others learn. I want to encourage us to connect with the plant world more. I want us to be in awe of the plants, in love with them even, & I want us to listen to plants more...and more. Every...dang...day...Wether its chopping fresh vegetables for a home cooked meal or making an immune boosting herbal syrup to help you and your loved ones through a frigid, soggy, PNW winter. 

My intentions for this "Periodical" page are to share herbal knowledge & ideas, post recipes I'm loving, & highlighting different kinds of healing modalities. I will also promote other herbalists or general badasses...mostly women, just sayin.